This goes to all my athletes in the struggle

In my state of doing absolutely nothing this evening, I happened across "For Love of the Game" on USA. It's a good movie because it's about sports, and it stars Kevin Costner. I don't know about you, but there is little more I could ask for from a motion picture.

I'm a sucker for any sports movie, even when the plot doesn't actually pivot on anything related to the sport in the movie.
Most sports movies make me cry too. I don't know why, but they're often terribly dramatic. Regardless, I'll watch them all day long.

On that note, I give you my favorite sports movies of all time. (Note: I didn't say best sports movies of all time. I said favorite. This has nothing to do with actual quality.)

10. "A League of Their Own"
9. "Coach Carter"
8. "Angels in the Outfield"
7. "Cool Runnings"
6. "For Love of the Game"
5. "Little Big League"
4. "Remember the Titans"
3. "The Sandlot"
2. "Little Giants"
1. "Love and Basketball"

Honorable mentions: "Air Bud," "Rookie of the Year"
Now take a minute to catch your breath after laughing at me.