Hard work never killed anyone

No, I will not complete Ronald Reagan's quote. This is a tasteful Web site, and I shan't corrupt it with Republican musings.

Let me get this out of the way: I AM A LAZY PERSON. I think we all know this, but I just wanted to re-affirm in case there were questions. I will avoid doing something important if it involves moving too much. Sloth is one of my favorite deadly sins (second only to gluttony).

However, I am not so lazy that I cannot walk up a single flight of stairs. Apparently some people are.

I just returned from the Rec and was in the elevator going to the 13th floor, and it stopped on the ninth floor. A girl and a boy got in then PUSHED THE BUTTON FOR 10.

Honestly? People, we're in college. Not a nursing home. I will give people the benefit of the doubt and think maybe they have a knee problem or a serious cardiac issue where if their heart rate varies ever so slightly they will die a painful death.

No one likes the stairs in Towers because they're a little sketchy, but seriously it is not too difficult to walk all the way up the 12 steps to the next floor. It's more time-consuming to wait for the elevator anyhow.

I have some extremely fierce eye daggers that are strong enough to pierce one's skull, but they reserved only for times when people really REALLY annoy me, or when I hear a child's voice in a volume louder than silent.

People who use the elevator to go up/down a single floor get these eye daggers. Alas, most people are too dense for this look to be truly effective, but I like to know I've made an effort.

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