Rock and roll razorblade

Last night, all of my middle-school dreams came true. I saw Hanson play live.

It was special because I love them and have loved them for many moons, but the evening was also very special because yesterday marked, to the day, the 10-year anniversary of the release of "MMMBop." So they performed it acoustically. It was beautiful. Taylor "Oh, yeah!"-ed the night away, and I screamed like I was on a roller coaster for three hours. Wouldn't you scream too if you saw this?

But really, they rocked. They didn't play all that much from "Middle of Nowhere" and instead played a good chunk of their new album and "Underneath." It made me very happy. They did, however, play "Yearbook," which they have NEVER played live until last night. I almost cried when Taylor sang about Johnny and "turning to that paaaAAAGE"!

So many people have made fun of me for being so excited, but Hanson were so good! They aren't the 12-year-olds everyone still wants them to be. However, there were very few people there under the age of 17. And that's pushing it. But the beauty of the show was that the fans and Hanson have grown together. Their new stuff wouldn't appeal to my 11-year-old self, but their new stuff definitely does. So does the way they look.

Even Isaac has gotten cute. He's really grown into his features.

All in all, it was a magical evening. Carly came too because she might be their biggest fan. I'm pretty sure we both teared up at least twice. It was like Christmas but better.

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