Link-o-rama. Uh, sort of.

First things first (and this is long overdue), The New York Times last weekend had two articles on things near and dear to my heart.

One is about blogging and the potential benefits of that. Cough cough someonewhowantstogiveoutabookdealpleasetakenoticeofme cough cough. O.K., so maybe I'm not ready for a book deal. Give me a few years. But hey, if anyone sees this and wants to give me a job, that'd be just as good.

The other is about judging someone's date-worthiness based on his/her bookshelf. It's amazingly true. I love books, and reading is one of my favorite things in the world. If I can't talk about a book or an author with someone, I'm bored. They don't have to necessarily share my tastes to a T, but at least know who some of the literary greats are. Most of the names on my shelf aren't that obscure; some googling will tell you most of what you need to know. But really, I don't think I could ever be serious with someone who doesn't read. Or at least doesn't read books of substance. Yes yes, we all have different definitions of a "substantial" book, but anything labeled "Sci-Fi" or "Fantasy" doesn't fall under that umbrella for me. Then again, the people I know who read sci-fi or fantasy novels are prooooooobably not the kind of folks I'd date.

Pretentious, yes?

Another link that is less entertaining and not Times-related: Life Before Death. It's a series of photographs by German photog Walter Schels; he shot people while they were alive but in their final days and then again after they died. Each photo has a little blurb about the person, and most of them have cancer or another disease. It's pretty powerful, albeit a little morbid.

And to end on a happy note, please visit Hope is Emo (courtesy of E. Cofer). I thought it might be real, but it's not. Regardless, it's pretty damn funny. I wish it was more current and still happening, but good things never last. Hope would say that.

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