Some things are not OK even for Facebook

Many of my Facebook friends have babies, and it's kind of precious to see some of the pictures they post. But the other day I was looking through an album one friend made of her newborn, and one of the pictures is captioned "Daddy changes the first poopy diaper!"

I'll let you guess what the picture was of.

Now, I know pooping is a natural part of life, and I'm not the least squeamish about talking about it. But seeing it? In a picture? ALL OVER A LITTLE BABY? Not really my bag, I must say.

I know everyone can put whatever pictures they want on the FB, but we recently had a story in the newspaper about how people are complaining about mothers posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding. I don't especially want to see any boob when I go on there to waste my time, but I want to see a naked, poop-covered baby butt even less.

Just saying.

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Jeff said...

dude you are so right. amen and stuff.