Technology is slow

I don't care about the flying cars that should have debuted by the year 2000 or the development of a safe, reliable way to teleport. I take that back. Teleportation would be awesome. My version would also be more efficient than, say, Harry Potter's flue powder; no ending up on the wrong side of the tracks when you just want to go get your cloak and some new schoolbooks. But I digress.

We have vending machines in several areas around the building at work, and I visit these locations often. They're your standard vending machines: Put in your money, push a couple buttons ("I did not learn my AA, BB, CCs! God god damn it damn it!"), the spiraly thing turns, and your treat falls down. Unless your treat gets stuck. On more than one occasion I've bought Twizzlers and watched the package get stuck just short of falling. Sometimes I'll make sure no one is watching and then try to shake the machine with all my might to get that package loose; these machines are obviously filled with rocks or some other ridiculously heavy material because I can't move them at all. Other times I've just paid for a second package, only to have the first one fall and the second get stuck.

I am of the opinion that if people can make computers go from the size of a room to small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, someone can come up with a more effective way to delivery vending-machine goods to the poor, hungry person waiting. I don't know how this would work (I'm an English major for a reason), but I firmly believe that it is possible.

I also think that toilet technology has a long way to go (I mean, have we come THAT far from outhouses and chamber pots?), but that is another conversation for another day.

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